Supposedly the carnival in Aalborg is a known and popular event. People start celebrating suited in their most creatively created costumes (spotted: 235 maides, 594 pirates, 987 cleopatra’s.) from 8 am to the very evening (slash night. slash next day. slash entire weekend). Living in this city I felt there was no other option than to experience it or at least find some interesting motives to snap. In case you wonder whether I got dressed up – I did not. Considered, but decided to play the part of the “audience”, besides this would have required drinking since dawn and thats not one of my strengths. (yeah I know that is an excuse and you don’t need to get drunk, so I’ll just say point-blank that I simply didn’t want to dress up.)

Some people resting in the sun (around 1 pm – after 4 hours of partying – pretty understandable) I like the picture because of this play between white and orange colours; both in the costumes, the reflections in the windows, the ‘orangey’ wood and the white column. Is this just some analytical bs?The amount of trash in the streets was shocking. (I didn’t notice the little “comment” in the upper right corner before taking a better look at the picture at home)

How come men use every opportunity to dress up as women? I’m just asking.



explanation: I intended NOT to post this picture, since in the act of taking it a very angry man came to me, telling it was highly inappropriate to take pictures of people in a more or less unconscious state. However, this person made a choice to drink the amount, which left her in that condition, right? If anyone is offended by my publication of this photography, please respond. My point of view is the aesthetics of the motive, nothing else.

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