…imaginary summer drawer…

This is the beginning of a little fashionable summer collection that will remain only in the visuals on this blog and in my very own fantasy world. One is allowed to dream, right? Today’s is a casual everyday version, more specific outfits will follow…

First up – the ‘top’: Scarf in the hair

It’s difficult to maneuver in a good and not ‘wannabe in an alternative culture or pirate’ way. this lady does it good..

scarf from Missoni, lady from Stylesightings .

Then – The actual top: Plain T for twist.

Since there is play in both the hair and the necklace (look below) it is important not to have too much noise going on. This T-shirt/top has a good colour and is just a little shorter than it is supposed to be, so it fits well with high-waisted shorts.

T-shirt from topshop, necklaces from Velvet Otterhound

Shorts: Aviator meets Army?

Not sure whether the words are the right description, however these shorts are beautiful and it’s possible to adjust them.

Shorts from Paul Smith.

Shoes: Practical or pretty??

both shoes are found on topshop.comThat is always the question twirling in my head. The reason is – one never knows whether it is necessary to wear something practical for a given situation (well truth be told, it usually is for a circumstance that requires good footwear, but one also wants to look good… hmm) So I will leave the verdict in the hands of the reader.

Bag: must have ability to contain everything.

The title says it all, but then again that is the job of any bag – though during summer it might be necesary to store beach stuff. I have chosen two different, couldn’t decide, so this is again a matter of taste… (and of practicality)

Both bags from su-shi-shop.

Now what is the ‘cherry on the pie’?

cold Mango Lassi & good company.



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