Madrid gone polaroid

Here are a few of my Madrid pictures. The few I took with my iPhone app Hipstamatic. It is quite good for night pictures, with the over exposure effect and all. Some say they’ve seen enough of fake polaroid pictures, I have not and I hope you haven’t either 😉

This picture was taken after hours of walking and park chilling.

We had spend some hours in the huge and fantastic park “Retiro” and needed a refreshment before being able to enjoy the fantastic collection of modern art  in the museum “Reina Sofia”.  The refreshment was made of lemon, and slush ice and water. It was nothing less than perfect just then and there.

The red wallet is a newly purchased one. Of course in Madrid.

This picture shows kind of the theme I had going on. High waist cut off jeans shorts and some kind of top. More pictures will follow.

It was sunday, it was late and everybody was sitting on some plazas, drinking, having fun.

Before we ended up here, we had a wonderful day, sitting at a sizzling plaza in La Latina, THE place to be on sundays. Everyone around us where sitting at their tables, drinking, chatting, eating tapas. It was great. ANd I really felt privileged to be part of the Madrid crowd sitting at a table and not walking by and staring at us like the regular tourist.

It was getting late, the police had come and hushed everybody away. So we found a nearby park with a view over the entire city.

My lovely friend and hostess. Who really knows how to live life.

Random scooter. I just think they are pretty. I gotta get one on my own some time.

The next morning.

Now I get why everything is greasy in spain, even the breakfast churros. You really need all the fat to be resistent to all the bear, wine and sangria you drink.

The bag in the left corner is also a one of my madrid purchases. Pictures will follow.

..And my airport litterture. There would be a Vogue too, but they had non in english.

So much for now.


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