ArT style

 Meet my friend Rachel.
 She studies Art & Technology as well;
 what I really like about her style 
 is its sort of 'carelessness'.
 On one side she is into fashion,
 but on the other side she doesn't
 give a damn about trends, 
labels or some of these style 
rules that some 
(more or less subconsciously)
 might have. Besides Rachel finds
 other things in life more 
important than how to dress.
 Yet she has a laid-back
 streetstyle that one can't help
 but admire.
We found an empty building at the harbour, close to 'Platform4'
 (more to that place in another post)
Here I played around with taking pictures of the light that came
 through the windows, while Rach
'enjoyed' her water.

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Filed under Art&Technology, Fashion, Inspiration, Photography, Street Style

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