In the meantime…

.. being in cologne this week I will sadly miss the ‘Take Off Party’ at Platform 4. It takes place the 12th of June, its an event filled with greatness and activities!    

First af all, to explain a little about this magic, mystical spot; its a huge factory hall situated in an industrial area near the harbour of Aalborg. This hall is dedicated to artistic and technological ‘exploration’, with room for any kind of crazy expression that might enter ones mind. Here it is possible to ‘rent’ a working space and instead of paying with money, one simply has to do volunteer work at P4-events and collect ‘points’. Cool concept, huh?

The ‘staff’ of platform 4 consists of several groups, such as: Spontan4, Interior4, Bar4, Front4/PR4, Graphics4, Web4, Media4 (off course there are also leaders, handeling the more serious parts – economy etc.). I’m personally a member of the ‘Graphic4’ group – we have just made our first magazine with virtually crafted graphics which will be published at the party – pictures will follow.

So this upcoming event will be the starting point of this season’s happenings, the party will offer the fun of making sci-fi costumes, a market place where one can buy fx second hand clothes, you can get your bike pimped, delicious BBQ (though you will have to bring the food), street basket, great music, cheap bar and more. The theme of the event is (judging by the activities you might guess it) “Bronx” & “Sci-Fi”.

More information about when & where  is also to be found on the facebook-page.

Everyone within a 5oo km radius of Aalborg – come and join the take off!


ps: you might not remember, but this ‘old’ post was actually about an exhibition held at Platform4… yeah..

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