Oh my – where has the fuckfinger been?! Sleeping?(so it seems -like sleeping beauty: for at least 100 years) maybe Kidnapped? or decapitated…?? going undercover for government work? (ha, already fantasizing about the disguise for that scenario: ..something with a black hat and a mustache..) No. the truth is (really) that it has been sort of ‘nude’. For a period I’ve been obsessed with a constant colour change, but lately there has been other -more important- things on the agenda than painting nails, hence no exciting fuckfinger posts. Please cope with the fact that this diary is controlled by the mood for finger experiments (sounds kinda naughty). anyhow – just invested in a bright shining turquoise coloured nail polish by ‘Essie’. Then I visit my parents to find that my dear mother was kind enough to get me a similar version; only by ‘chanel’. What can I say? (did someone yell: “spoiled brat!” ?)

The setting is pretty simple – liked the shades of my bed linen and thought the most important part of my finger – the colour – was represented enough like this. That’s all



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