Sale Outfit #2

And here is what I would buy (you are allowed to dream sometimes, right?!):

Philip Lim Dkk 2460 (4100 before, 1640 saved)

Acne Dkk 660,- (1100 before, saved 440)

Stine Goya Dkk 780 (1300 before, saved 520)

Acne Chinos, silk, Dkk 780,- (1300 before, saved 520)

Acne dress Dkk 960,- (1600 before, saved 640)

Maria La Rosa, Cashmere (I’m a sucker for good quality stuff) Dkk 588 (1070 before, saved 482)

All in all I would spend: alot, but I would save: 4242,- (wow, what an amount! Now that I saved that much, I can buy even more!? 😉 )



Filed under Fashion, Life saving knowledge

2 responses to “Sale Outfit #2

  1. Vi har tildelt jer en beautiful blogger award fordi vi er så glade for at følge jeres blog.
    Læs mere her:

    og stort tillykke fra Frk. Jensens

  2. lampoule

    WAUW, sikke en ære!!!!
    Yay 🙂

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