How to (DIY)

make yourself today a wonderful day (There is only one condition to all this, you really have to embrace the feel of it, while you do it 😉 ):

1st step: Turn on this song and feel that you are part of your own wonderful movie

2nd step: Make youself a huge cup of coffee with lots of milk in your favorite cup and go to bed again, with the news papers/ magazines a book.

3rd step: Either you go for a run, dance to a really good song in your apartment, go to a yoga/ pilates lesson, or you just take the shower immediately.

4th step (mostly for girls): enjoy to put cream on your face, really feel your skin under your finger tips and the scents of the cream.

5th step: Take on clothes you would like to see yourself in, in this little movie of yours. And go outside.

6th step: If you are in Copenhagen you should step by Urban Explosion (København N), Farmersmarket (Jægersborggade) and walk around the streets, taking pictures of your life and details around you.

7th step: Use 4 hours to do all the stuff that makes you feel good, like cleaning, organizing papers or your clothes – or to work/ study.

8th step: Cook a dinner that is worth to be remembered and be part of your movie. Eat it with your best friends/ family/ sweetheart.

9th step: Drink some champagne or something with bubbles. Makes you tipsy not drunk and realise that you actually had a fabulous day.

10th step: Either you go to bed early ’cause you were out late yesterday, or you dance until 4 am when the sun starts to rise again and the birds sing.


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