Anna Dello Russo

..Is too cool!

She is totally inspiring, an Italian Stylist and the fashion guru. If there is a new picture of a woman with a dress that fits perfectly and is a little bit too much for an average women, but looks fabulous and stunning on this – it is definitly Anne Dello Russo who you see on that picture!!

Here are her 10 quotes on fashion (from her blog, which she writes herself) and the picture is from yesterday and Jak&Jil’s blog:

1) If there is harmony between ITSELF and his own BODY, a STYLE will born.

2) When you don’t feel to dress means that you are depressed.You need a FASHION SHOWER.

3) If you like to be relaxed, you will never get the LOOK.Fashion is always UNCOMFORTABLE!

4) NO matter the size of your body! FASHION to flatter every figure (VOGUE US April 2010)

5) Wear just NIGHT-CLOTHES in daytime.

6) Color me! ACCESSORIZE me!shock me!

7) FASHION is such stuff as DREAMS are made on…

8 ) Fashion is a MUSE, you must seduce her.

9) Shall we dance? take your MUSE to dance, fashion loves music.

10) So between FASHION and STYLE?
Absolutely FASHION… is less
pretentious, is authentic. FASHION is declaration of own freedom.


Source: Jak & Jil

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