imaginary summer drawer take 3

at the beach

situation: going to the beach, wanting to look good (or hide as much as possible) and of course “feel comfortable”. Here is my fantasy solution (including the body of Giselle Bündchen)

Don’t forget your beloved pals to commit sillyness with.

Bathing suit/Acne

Maxiskirt /Topshop

Hat /Albertus Swanepoel

Ring/Roberto Cavalli


Nail polish/Chanel



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3 responses to “__________________________

  1. hah I love the hair on that one girl the second from the right. pictures make your blog look so good. i might steel the tip 🙂 hope you dont mind

  2. I am hoping to find the origin of the photo at the bottom of this post. I’ve got to get a large print of this. Any information you could give would be SO helpful.

    • 1boussole

      just sent you an e-mail with the link or you can click the link at the top of the post and find the picture on that page 🙂

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