fuckfinger tan

Dear fuckfingerfellows,

this ‘flasher’ has been on some trips this summer gettin’ a fine tan – actually hit the exact same shade as the nail polish “sahara beige” (by chanel) oh yeah.  now some would maybe look at the picture below and wonder whether the ‘mighty finger of opinion’ went all the way to the moon or mount everest. but (to all your disappointment) these are only rocks collected at a random beach.. (fooled you, huh?) no but seriously there has been some fuckfinger action throughout the past roadtrips since some drivers (wont go into stereotypical descriptions now) choose to let frustrations/lack of potent/need for speed out on some other (totally innocent) people by driving so far up ones car almost letting one know the particular “wunderbaum”-flavour, evoking the evil side of human, the desire of revenge, reaction, reflected in the (to some extend) provocative fuckfinger.

at least I hope some other fuckfingers out there have had a peaceful summer. or maybe some good fuckfinger-in-action-stories?


fuckfinger (and boussole)

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