Copenhagen Guide – Day 2

Shopping and Museums

Of course you can start anywhere on this journey and I probably would recommend you to start at the very bottom (the museum) – as this probably is the best solution, taking your feet, your cultural needs and conscience into consideration.

Below a random selection of known and unknown places in the city center of Copenhagen. For a more detailed guide on shops, see later guides. For Restaurant recommendations, see later guides 😉

A. Start your day at Nørrebrogade (buy a croissant at Emmery’s), walk over Dronning Louises Bro AND

B. Look at the sign showing the number of bicycles driving by –always impresses foreigners..

C.Take a look at Frk. Lila and some of the shops in the beginning of the street (it doesn’t get much better on Frederiskborggade, so turn right as soon as you reach Nansensgade).

D. Be patient, Nansengade is the most charming when you reach the middle of it –I like places like Bibendum, Kalasset, Stigs Oliven (when open) and to do some window shopping in the tiny shops and galleries.

E. On Saturdays there is a fleamarket on Israelsplads, but don’t expect to get good bargains. There is also a good second hand shop next to Isrealsplads.

F. Have a look at H.C. Ørstedsparken – I think this is one of the most romantic parks we have in Copenhagen (Frederiksberghave is on the 1st place though).

G. Now go to strøget and I won’t go into much detail here – just stick to small streets crossing strøget (Pilestræde, silkegade, krystalgade etc) and when on strøget go for the H&M, Urban Outfitters, COS, TopShop

I have to mention Fisk though – a pretty cool Folkekirkensnødhjælp second hand shop.

H. Now go down Sankt Peder Stræde and have an organic soup at Soupanatural (remember, I’m all about food).

I. And therefore after having had your soup I now send you to the Livingroom. I still call it Roberts Coffee, it recently changed name (2 years ago) and this is the place to be on rainy days.

J. Well, in general – check out Studiestræde. You can expect: lots of second hand shops, stinky shoes, rough Copenhagen folks and brainy students (part of Copenhagen University is at the end of this street. And you really feel the atmosphere of an old grand university –not that KU ever has been such a thing- but because of the trees and the buildings are doing a great job just there.).

K. More food’n tea – if you need something more heavy than a soup – try the falafel at The a la Menthe, or take some of the sweets – anything really, I love this place.

L. And of course, there is also La Glace. An institution in itself. And actually open to anyone – the last time I had my cake there (DON’T mix hot chocolate and cake – even the most trained chocomaniac will die the slow and painful sugar-chock-death). Well the anecdote – the last time I was there, my neighbour table was hosting two rocker guys with beard, leather pants and motorbike, eating cake en masse AND sharing hot chocolate with cream (they must have died since then). So, no excuse – you have to go there.

M. Ok, now you can go back to mainstreat strøget and try to figure out who’s a tourist and who’s not (HINT: look out for trainers/sneakers and other colours than black).  Have you had enough of the crowd, go to the more quite street Læderstræde and check out my favorite store Stilleben. Here the porcelain is so beautiful that I come back again and again even though I am always afraid to break something.

N. Time to get some cultural inputs – so the next place to visit is Nikolaj kirke – they always have nice exhibitions and there is free entrance on Wednesdays. Oh yes, and there is another favorite store of mine, which is Stelling Papir & Penne. It is the oldest paper seller in town and they have every pen, pencil, brush & paper you could dream of.

O. Time to get some more food, since you’ve been in and out of shops all day long. Grab a raw chocolate cake at Raw42 on Pilestræde and have a look at Summerbird (they give out free things to taste) & Frisør Nube (NB: Nube on Silkgeade is the only hairdresser in Copenhagen able to cut curls properly!!! By the way, can anyone recommend a good shampoo for culrs?).

P. You must be exhausted, so walk via Kongens Nytorv to Nyhavn. I always tell my guests about the ice-scating thing in the wintertime around Kongens Nytorv- a great story and makes the city live up to the romantic expectations most people have (very important anecdote after having taken you guest to Nørrebro the day before, see DAY 1).

Buy a Sommersby on the way to Nyhavn, or maybe a hotdog and sit down with equally many Copenhageners and tourists.
Or take from Nyhavn a guided tour with DFDS.

Q. Relax your feet at Kongens have or just walk through it, no matter what – you have to have a look at it. All students study here and there is a great allee.

R. You probably should have started here, as after a inner-city-day you cannot manage Statens Museum for kunst. But you definitely have to come here, a great, great museum for both old-stuff-lovers (Guldalderen) and only-contemporary-understanders (Tal R, good coffee and free entrance).

S. Good for rainy days and in the winter time: Botanisk Have.

T. Nørreport station, welcome back to reality.


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One response to “Copenhagen Guide – Day 2

  1. Thanks for the beautiful guide, I think I will take it step by step one of these days (when it’s not raining!). And although I take slight offense of the ‘KU-never-was-a-grand-old-university’-comment :), and I did the classic mistake of mixing chocolate and cake in La Glace (she is telling the truth people, I was in sugar coma for at least a day and a half), your guide is really inspiring.
    Hoping to see a autumn/winter guide when we reach that point.

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