Street Style on a Rainy Day

Today I came across this young lady. At first I noticed her earrings but soon more and more lovely details revealed themselves ( a pattern for my Street Style shoots?).

I like about her outfit:

1) That she looks completely cool and natural wearing mini-curtain-hangers as earrings
2) That she is one of the few people I met that don’t look like over-decorated christmas trees with all these finger-rings, but classy
3) That she makes her outfit look like a natural part of hers, hence not a costume (kind of the same thing as point 2 I guess?)

Anyways, here you go. By the way, the picture was taken in this truly cozy café called Mokkariet on Jagtvej, Nørrebro.


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Filed under Accessories, Copenhagen/ København, details, Fashion, Inspiration, Street Style

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