in the name of details

I’m not ashamed to admit the fact that I love wrapping gifts. Some wise men (that’s you!) say “it’s not about the outside, but the inside, the content” which is absolutely right – so some might interpret my preference to be superficial and to some extend this is absolutely right, though in this world it seems to be about the aesthetics in the end of a crucial choice where perfection is wanted. Here is a close-up from a gift, where I wanted to put emphasis on the crossing ribbons, using a variety of colors that -in my opinion- match. If anyone ever wants to get a gift wrapped, I’m more than willing to help.

Update: Please read the fantastic comment written by the delightful penciltwister and get well-informed.


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3 responses to “in the name of details

  1. This is beautiful. I believe that gift wrapping is an aesthetic art form often underplayed in Western cultures, but the Japanese have incorporated it into their culture.
    As Alden Smith writes: “In gift wrapping, there are no better artists than the Japanese. To them, gift wrapping has special meaning. Often, the actual wrapping means as much as the gift inside. The Japanese look at a sheet of paper as “the mirror of the soul.” They combine the elements of yin and yang – rustic and elegant, modern and ancient, the earthy and the sublime. Wrapping a gift is “wrapping the heart.” The opening of the gift is as large a ritual as the wrapping.”
    So there you have it 🙂 Be proud of your gift (in both senses!)

  2. 1boussole

    thank you so much for both opinion and indeed very wise “chinese (/japanese) saying” – I agree with their philosophy -obviously…
    well if this is not of western culture we ought to make an effort and change that! 🙂

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