floating in 1939

Pictures by Toni Frissell, Florida 1939 – I’m really amazed by these simple pictures taken in an anxious period of worldwar & economic depression; where fashion came to be more practical, simple but still had to maintain elegance (affected by Coco Chanel, as seen in the first picture with the clean white “mens” shirt and pearls)

This might to some point appeal to our momentarily situation of economic crisis, where people are forced to make “investments” in matters of many cases, including clothes. Classic items are being remade into a variety of interpretations to fit the contemporary fashion.

But not only do we reminiscent of the 30’s, the tendency repeats itself -in another way- in the 70’s where Dieane Keaton & Patti Smith have become our fashion “idols” (by that I do not mean at that time, I mean it from my own point of view today, subconsciously) showing an inner strength by being rebellious to their “former generation” of the 50’s (where everything had to be so female/male seperated)

So in a way we are situated on the wave that has brought us through some more difficult times of the past century, lets see where or when it will carry us safely back to the white sand of the “bounty island”…


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