Two days in heaven – take 1

I never in my life thought that someone could experience two days of pure fun & luxury. Exclamationpoint.

Yesterday I took the plane to Copenhagen to attend the event with the team from Only –

We were greeted by the happy girls organizing and basically doing everything they possibly can to please our fashion needs and generally make us feel fabulous.

This was in the “goodie-bag”:

A pair of jeans (high waisted, getting more & more trendy), Lookbook catalogue for january/february, army necklace, a notebook, the program, bonbons, almonds, champagne and the cute bag itself.

more about this magical day in the following posts…..



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2 responses to “Two days in heaven – take 1

  1. I want to go back, right now and do it all again!

  2. 1boussole

    Agree! We should arrange it to become a yearly event 😀

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