Two days in heaven – take five


-Champagne and cupcakes

this all happened on the second day of my trip to the only event in Copenhagen. We knew there was a photoshooting, but little did we know we were supposed to be transported through the city in a white limo. Outrageous!

Arrived at the Lab had our hair and make up done and picked out two outfits; one casual for the ‘single shot’, one party outfit for the group picture. (clothes were from a production that is not even in the stores yet) All the while we were served with lots of champagne, fruit, smoothies, chocolate, sandwiches and delicious (very colourful) cupcakes. A dj was playing funky music to set the perfect energetic mood.

At the end we got these very 70’s blue jeans with high waist and wide legs (high waist is making a huge comeback, I tell ya!) so we all tried them on and then we took some pictures of all the bloggers together. While the shooting lasted we got to document the experience and blog live about it…

The pictures are going to be in the Only Magazine around November and the movies will be put on the Only webpage. I will probably blog about it when the time comes..

I guess this is the last piece of my amazing experience and there are no right words to express the feelings about it. All I can do is show the pictures and make an understanding for how privileged we have been treated. Thank you again to the fantastic Only Team!

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