“Once upon a time….

…In the West”

Yesterday was a brilliant opportunity to broaden the classic film horizon, so armed with freshly baked cookies and rosé wine two friends and I went to see this particular cult western movie from 1968, directed by Sergio Leone.

The opening sequence alone placed the viewer into a world where time goes slower, words are poor but concise (just as the number of women appearing) and where Charles Bronson manages to maintain the exact same face expression throughout three hours of cowboy filled desert.

Though I didn’t expect my patience to last and maybe even get slightly bored, by the long scenes of primitive happenings, which in fact characterizes this as a Western (compared to the action movies of the present) my expectations were proved to be opposite, since the experience was exciting in terms of both action, humor (the sharp, short punchlines by the characters, the fake special-effect sounds), romance, drama & even fashion.

The element of greatest importence in this movie was of course the music by Ennio Morricone. With the usage of ‘leitmotifs‘ he both signalized the main individuals and set the mood of the upcoming scene occuring in the American West.

I guess what I’m trying to say is – I highly recommend everyone to watch this masterpiece and if, then in the cinema, to get every wrinkle of the overtanned, scowling cowboys!

Below a (very short) cut-out of the opening sequence (didn’t actually ‘time’ it, but it felt as 30 minutes of no words, just slow action)


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