the shadow that makes your eyes glow

This (more or less secret) tip was given to me by the Make-Up artist from former post (look below).

Chanel: Ombre D’eau Iridescent

With this fluent eyeshadow from Chanel on eyelid and below the eye (don’t know how to explain this, but hopefully you know what I mean) it really makes your  eyes shine, really – I could see the difference.

I think the colour she used is called “fountain” but there are others to choose from. (for more information on how to use it, this is kind of a good page to learn)

When it comes to bring out the colour of your eyes, it is best to use the complementary colour.

My eyes are light green and my ideal eyeshadow would be something with a little purple, like dark brown with a little purple.

That would mean if you have brown eyes you should look for turquoise, blue eyes for something with orange/copper etc.


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