Hard choice to make…

This is sort of ‘another post’ than from what I usually like to post about. Cause I need some advice –

I recently got an amount of tax money back from some work I did two years ago and now I’m caught in this luxury dilemma of how to spend it. My choice is looking like this (so far):




Meaning I would save the money for travelling sometime in the future (not with a timemachine, I’m not insane like this guy) or buy a new computer – my macbook is almost 4 years old and I just started another semester in art & technology, which requires even more programming, i.e. its important to have a functioning computer.

I’m aware of the fact that the one is more sensible than the other, though still it is tempting to follow the mystery  path it is to explore the world, am I right?

So if there is anyone out there who could be so very kind and do me the gigantic favour of sharing some intelligent judging I would be more than thankful & happy about it.



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  1. Buy yourself a computer –> learn the programs –> do something amazing –> earn more money befor the next summer and go for a travel of your life. Why to have only one if you can have two?

    (and don’t forget to buy one of these

    http://www.highsnobiety.com/news/2010/03/10/mykita-x-romain-kremer-fallwinter-2010-sunglasses/ ) 🙂

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