In between things

That is where I am. That is where we are. It’s ‘indian summer’ a weather state between summer and fall; we’ve started our studies, school, work, daily life. Yet somehow I guess I’m still in between holiday mood and a daily fastgoing rythm. There has been a lot of blogging from my side lately, since I’ve had the time and the inspiration – right now that is fading a little. But that will mostly pass after a few days (usually I realize it when it is already going away again and I find new inspiring stuff, so I guess you won’t get rid of me that easily…)

I’m actually writing these words based on a picture I found of a beautiful terrasse (supposedly somewhere in Sweden?) anyhow it made me think of this beautiful time, one still remembers the happy times of summer and yet we’re already looking towards (a -at least- just as lovely) fall.

That is all for this tuesday. no wait – check next post.



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  1. A.

    where we are indeed 😉

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