string of things…

sometimes while working with other stuff on the computer I find things that might be kind of inspiration for a post. sometimes I use them and other times they end up in a little folder. now I will just post these pictures of the week as a ‘summary’.

german movie on DrK. had it in the background for some reason and just took some pictures of these ‘lovely’ dresses.

blueberry muffins baked and shared amongst friends in the light of happiness and laughter. ahahaha…….!

oh my that is a “tandex44”! (I bought a toothbrush as you can see)

here we have some nut in a pink t-shirt. moi. sorry for the weird posing….

my tv on a “new table” a wheelchair that was meant for an ArT project last year, though not used in the end, so I adopted it for my interior – still considering to paint it in white or something…

gotta love her style. Patti Smith. here with Robert Mapplethorpe (picture google him)

yeah… this is what the study is about this semester (ok not only,but we just started here) it is actually pretty interesting.

… from the same german movie, a beautiful scene where this lady sadly dies (fire in the background), so I guess the breaking mirror is strongly symbolical.


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