oh dear..!

where have you been? where have I been?? nowhere special, just being diary lazy. (this is starting to sound like a fucked up one-on-one conversation with myself! am I turning schizophrenic? oh no there it is again!) anyhow this diary is only about the middle finger. I’m wearing my ultimate all time favorite nailpolish “Kaleidoscope” (better picture below) why? it goes with basically any kind of accessory (at least the ones I have) it also looks great without accessories (I am in a non-jewellery fase at the moment – d’you ever have that?) and the colour is neither gold nor silver, it is an inexplicable shade that changes depending on light.. amazing.. (ok now it sounds like I spend days of just starring and analyzing my nailpolish – sometimes I wonder about my true appearence, probably surprisingly odd.. but to clear things out; I don’t.)

xoxoxo your (hopefully) favorite finger.

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One response to “oh dear..!

  1. Hi babe!
    Thanks for the compliment on my blog! Hope you are doing great! Love the nailpolish!!
    XOXO Iris

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