Street Style and MadNess

Here’s another Street Style picture I took a couple of days ago.
Say hello to fabulous Charlie aka best-mother-in-law, who always knows what’s in. Before us. Who loves bows and hearts. And who we love.

Ok enough, and I’ve got to get back to my birthday-party preparation. Concerning party preparations, I have to admit I’m quite main stream. I mean, everyone’s mad with Mad Men and so am I. So. I’ve (we’ve) invited to a Mad Men party.


I know, I know.

Theme parties are dangerous territory, I should have known better.

People will come in around 4 hours, and I still have no outfit. Well, I have one. But it’s from the first scene of Mad Men, you know that affair-woman-drawing-puppies-talking-quite-nasal. Anyways, I’ll find something and report.
And you, you go out in the Danish night-life and report back as well.



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