past occupassion

all right I know there is no such word as in the title (don’t know if you even know what I mean.. ah of course you do! all the readers of this blog are bright and beautiful people..!)

I’ve spent the past two weeks working on a project which was finished and exhibited this friday. unfortunately I could not physically represent myself there and the reason for that (and also ampoules and my own lack of update’s) is that there sadly was a death in my family… let me just say it has been some strange days.

So to review these days I’ve made a little  slideshow of how the process has been (though this is just a tiny part of our work, but I did not have more pictures to document it.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What we basically had to create was an instrument. It came out like this: We used a metal bowl filled with a little water. This we made swing in circles with the help of two motors, while a speaker made objects bang on the bottom surface of the bowl and combined with the circular motions made the sound of the bowl have a specific and almost ‘howling’ noise. the bowl hung on four strings attached to a metal structure in order for it to support the weight of the bowl and had the motors only create the movement. Besides we attached a microphone to the speaker, so the spectator (like you) could yell, clap, blow, whistle or make another noise and make the speakers resonate in a faster rythm and by that change the sound of the instrument.

If you have any questions concerning the structure of the piece, the sound or anything feel free to leave a comment.


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