Spring 2011 “ready to wear”


I know I’m way ahead of the time being -fashion wise- but that is what fashion is about… (ok, it’s also about expressing ones personality, however it is always in style to be ‘fashion-forward’. right?) and though it is kinda irritating and stressful I feel the need to share these beautiful outfits.

This specific yellow color can sometimes cause an automatic hand clenching, but in this case it is lighting up the whole outfit.

oh how I love this image! first of all (a little background info) her name is Olga. Second of all she is smiling and truly looking like she is striding along the streets of New York on a hot spring day with her jacket casually waving from her shoulder…

I don’t have anything to comment on this, it’s just a great combo with good colors.

Maybe this might not be the most ‘spring-casual daywear’ dress, but it’s pretty pretty.


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