A&B gone Betty & Joan

I told you about our Mad Men party and here are some of the results. Some inspiration for Your Mad Men party?!

Anyways. Here they are. And it is terribly hard to make pretty pictures indoors where there’s always something in the background to disturb the aesthetics.

About my outfit I can say that
– the top is some old french lace thing I got from the famous mother in law,

-the thing holding my cardigan is a golden necklace from my grand-mother-in-law, which I fixed to my cardigan after moments of desperation when I was walking like an old lade in order to keep the cardigan on top my shoulders.

– and the skirt is from H&M, much beloved but terribly for biking.

That’s it for now. Over and out.

Boussole’s elaboration…

My dress (as you -hopefully- can see it was meant to imitate Joan) I got from “Det Gyldne Dådyr” -very short and very pink. Nailpolish by YSL. Rose earrings from my dear grandmother. The ‘blush’ and slightly uncontrollable hairdo was from all the bourbon.. (and cigarillos – what a night!)

/Ampoule (& a little bit by boussole)

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