Illuminating Creations

by Rhyme & Reason

I’ve considered this field of fashion for a while. The combination of fabric and technology. Is this something worth investigating further?

I discovered this webpage (link in the above title) where Mary Huang argumented the pieces of clothes with implemented LEDs by saying..

“There have been many garments made using LEDs by now, yet most all work with LEDs in clothing have focused on making ‘clothes with LEDs’ – not ‘clothes with light’. This distinction is important, as it has totally different connotations.”

To me, it is the future field of experimental fashion – it evokes a new perception of senses when experiencing clothes likely like this. Most of the mere futuristic gowns I have seen, seemed too overwhelming and technical (without a reasonable use of aesthetic minds). I think that in this case it is more wearable, since it is there to emphasize parts of the fabrics instead of being an object of “portable spotlight”.

this particular dress is partly knitted cotton jersey.

What is your opinion?


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One response to “Illuminating Creations

  1. Anne B.

    Totally interesting! In Art history we also talked about a similar subject. It was how to make objects (among these object were clothes) connect more to the body than just, well, being there. One project was to make garments that would respond to bodyheat (I think that one was called beaubelle or something). It would change colour from kind of subtle white-ish colour to bright red, but still with alot of attention to aesthetics.

    Well, you shoud, like totally, go for it. I think it is a very interesting field! And a new way to express oneself as well as what you are wearing or surounding yourself with.

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