Biking Style gone Trumpet

Say Hello to NiKolaJ. I caught him on his bike and asked him, while biking, for a picture. Yes that’s true. You gotta grab a good Street Style picture by its balls. Or something. 😉

Actually took one more Street Style picture today; something to look forward to.

I like:
-His bag
– His trumpet-trousers
– His purple scarf
– His colourful socks
Happe Biking.



Filed under Accessories, Copenhagen/ København, details, Fall Fashion, Fashion, For Him, Inspiration, Life saving knowledge

5 responses to “Biking Style gone Trumpet

  1. disappointed I thought it was a picture of the girls 🙂

  2. lampoule

    Haha, what girls?

  3. lampoule

    And by the way, isn’t this more relevant for you jf the tag “Life Saving Knowledge”?! 😀

  4. NiKolaJ

    Thank you, miss L’ampoule!

    I love the capital K and J. And I admire both your speed on the bike and your gift of the gab…

    N. Falko

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