pigged out.

let me start off by showing you a little slideshow, giving you an opportunity to form your own opinion by judging the action on the pictures… (if you understand the danish language, it’s a little easier)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

so? what was your first thought?

the photographs I took from a tv documentary about a Belgian artist.

this artist is called Wim Delvoye (he also made a -maybe more famous piece- where he recreated the human alimentary system from mouth to well .. ass. frankly spoken he made a machine that can shit. name of the piece? “Cloaca”)

This man has a farm in Beijing, China. More precise this is an artfarm where he has tattoo’ed pigs, some of the work on the pigs is done by himself and the rest is by the hired chinese farmers.

There are many sociological thoughts behind this project. It is an ironic comment to people getting tattooes in order to express themselves, in effort to maybe level the arrogance of humanity? (no offense to tattoo’ed people from my side, this was said in the documentation about him). He uses these growing bodies as a life-canvas, meaning the artwork displayed is in a developing process.

what can be seen as the positive is, this gives life to animals whose original purpose was being slaughtered and used for meat. (his pigs live a more ‘luxurious’ life, before they either get stuffed or their skin gets made into pricy canvases)

some farmers of Beijing became assistants and artfarm helpers, (hopefully) paid well and with a more stabil future, due to the participation of this artwork which proofes an act of welfare. Also it was more acceptable to ‘perform’ this act of art in China compared to America (where he originally planned to establish the farm)

of course there is the ethical issue of abusing the animals for art only, already when having to choose the “beautiful” pigs from the ” not-so-beautiful”. From that it is almost worse that the pigs are killed to be hung or exhibited in various artgalleries or homes.

with all these (more or less) critical facts and thoughts, I still find it a good work of art.

it’s kinda organic & aesthetical & political at the same time ..


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