when I wish, it’s upon a star (whining about the economy)

First of all, let me show you my recent “crush“:

Now I’m sure many will think to themselves “what? is she serious? this bag is nothing special! and why cry about it anyways like some spoiled brat??!” (yeah, thats what you think -I know it -cause that is what my own reasonable conscious tells me..) so the deal is basically that it has been a long time since I’ve been able to spoil myself with anything else but food (which in fact is a privilege compared to many other people in this world). Apart from all this “mandatory moral preaching” there is still an urge screaming from within the deepest of my (melting) shopaholic heart. (I read an article about hitlers remains of gold –here’s a tiny part of it.. maybe I should start planning a treasure hunt..? but then I would have to save up for the journey to the Walchensee in the fucking Alps). Instead I’m gonna bake some buttermilk croissant. (just for the sake of occasional visitors in the near future..) If they’re tasty I’ll share the recipe.

/boussole (who managed to sneeze somewhere between 11 and 16 times today. stopped counting at some point.)

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