Pumpkin Soup

You know how (even though you might not be that superstitious) certain coincidences leads you to certain decisions? well this happened to me about making this post. after talking to friends, who had tried to create a marvelous soup (but were kinda disappointed, I mean, a pumpkin itself is not the most exciting flavour, so how make a good soup out of it??) and I myself had a delicious pumpkin soup recently at a restaurant and my mother made an amazing version of her own this weekend, I decided to pump her for her pumpkin-soup-recipe. What finalizes my argumentation is the fact that the timing for this kind of dish is perfect – since it’s seasonal.

Anyways – what you need (for about 4 people):

1/2 a pumpkin (about the size of a handball)

1 onion

1 baking potato

1/2 liter of boiled water with calf broth

1 dl milk

a little butter

some bacon (to be omitted, but strengthens the flavour)

1 can of coconutcream

1 lemon


a little chilli (also to be omitted, but again.. it’s better with)

to top it off: some roasted pumpkinseeds and bacon to add at the end when serving..

What needs to be done is pretty simple; put some oliveoil in a pot and add the onion (chopped). stir for a little while and then add both potato (cubed) and pumpin (also cubed) together with the broth. let this get acquainted for 10 minutes and then add the milk, butter and bacon (roasted). after letting it boil for as long as the pumpin and potato needs in order to be blended (I’d give it half an hour), then do so – blend it! by now your soup has entered a state where it is quite ‘classic’, so in order to make it more tasteful you should add the coconutcream, some salt (do NOT add salt before you’ve boiled and blended the potato and pumpkin, very important!) the chilli and as a ‘finish’ the lemon (-juice). Some of the measurements of this recipe are pretty uncertain, but here is where your brilliant taste-judgement has to kick in: trial and error…!

Served in beautiful deep dishes with the pumpkinseeds (maybe in pumpkinseedoil?) and bacon on top.

dig in!


PS: this is in case my mother reads this – any adjustments, please contact me and I will change it!

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