Another dream (I didn’t know I had) come true.

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let me share a little story with you...
 Some time ago I received an email explaining that
 the team from Only needed "my help" and would 
 send a little package with further instructions.
 Filled with excitement I opened this mysterious
 box that turned out to contain three pairs of
 jeans, a basic white top and a dark blue V-neck
 sweater. The note that came with the present
 requested to take some pictures of the jeans
 in use with my own styling, which will be
 featured in a Only catalog
 (as a blogging special)...
 This led to a gathering with my very best
 photography team (also known as my dearest
 friends, Miko&Aga) and the result came out like this... 

 Please bear in mind, there are many pictures just
 showing me (and these are not all going to be in the catalog.)
 It might be boring, it might be (very!) narcissistic,
 however this was the point of the task. 
 Let me know what you think!


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4 responses to “Another dream (I didn’t know I had) come true.

  1. Charlotte

    Jeg synes jo det er fantastisk……

    Kys…hvem mon???? MOR

  2. Far

    Hej, Fars dygtige skattepige!

    Du er godt nok talentfuld og original. Respekt!


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