And one more time, ’cause it’s scary & I’m disillusioned (or just cheap to buy)- Lanvin for H&M

Wow, this is really a great marketing video (see previous post by boussole) ! In general I would classify myself as the sceptic yet positive consumer -but while watching video all I thought was I GOTTA HAVE THEsE DRESSES! AlL OF ThEM! Where to buy and what to pay!

Now I’m trying to convince myself that it has nothing to do with the video and the aesthetics in it (way over done, but kinda a cool with the speech bubles), but ONLY the dressess themselves (who wants to be that cheap to buy?!), which are nothing less than GREAT!

Enough of capital letters. Watch the movie and agree with me about the greatness of the dressess. and only the dresses. period.


/your suddenly power-blogging ampoule

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