I love reading LesMads, this blog really knows how to make interesting posts about fashion news, events and much more in the cultural field! So if you know German I can recommend it. (though this blog is really known, so you’ve probably already heard about it or seen it.)

On friday they wrote about the swiss textiles award and the winner of this year, Mary Katrantzou (from Greece, her website is still under construction, so I’ve linked the name to her latest runway show). She has made these creations that for some might question whether they are festive gowns, party items, an inspiration for interiour, sculptural objects of fabric or even at all aesthetical..? Personally I find them beautiful and very creative with all the magnificent details. (however, I can still be in doubt about my taste, which is why I question it.)

What do you think?

Just look how the curtains are placed where they would be supposed to in that “dining room”..!

This can be a great look with either a black plain top or a white buttoned up 19th century shirt.

Jeans -and you’ve got it.

This really is a lampshade skirt. yeah.


PictureSource (also a great blog)

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