London Baby!

Last Monday I was in London with my colleagues. Even though it was a long day it was a day with great, great fun!

And the Secret-Service-Spy came up inside of me (again; I’m in the secret service of Street-Style-Hungry-Ones).
Couldn’t help it, might have chocked some co-workers?! Anyway, these pictures try to capture the great atmosphere in the streets of London. I LOVE this city. Every time I come here, I learn to love some new streets and parts of it.

This time it was this great place “Fernandez & Wells” on Lexington Street (there are two of them- a Wine Bar and a Café), “Liberty” on Great Malborough Street (Oh my God, they’ve got everything in this great Shakespear-kind-of-house) and “Cha Cha Moon” on Carnaby Street/ Ganton Street (owned by someone with a 2 star restaurant and you really feel like having lunch in a capital).
Thanks lovely Sof for the great tips!! Thanks guys for great, great company!!

And see you soon streets of London!



PS: By the way, the blurryness in some of the pictures is on purpose. Don’t know- like the aesthetics of them right now, some how. See also my blurry Magician.


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4 responses to “London Baby!

  1. tanja

    Uhhh kan du ikke skrive en London shopping guide – skal afsted i weekenden. Har været der en del gange, så kunne godt bruge nogle nye fif;)

  2. lampoule

    Det vil jeg da helt klart prøve! 🙂
    Men det bliver nok ikke før Engang Torsdag den kommer op, så håber det er tids nok?

    Hils Londons dejlige gader af mig 😉

  3. tanja

    Uhhh så er du godt nok en skat, jeg holder øje:)

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