Mighty Berghain

Right now I’m in the middle of my exam which is to be handed in tomorrow. I like the course, but I like even more being done with it.

Anyway, just now I stumbled across this track and can’t stop dreaming about going back to Berlin very soon and get lost in Berghain, Kreuzberg and all the random but cool places.
I love the openness of people, that the city is so raw and that anything can happen if you are at the right spot at the right time with the right people.
HACH, not only danes are in love with this city, germans are too. I’m thinking too much about other cities, I think it’s time for a journey soon, after all it’s been 5 month since I left Denmark/ Germany.

THis quote from the ArtRebels blog describes pretty much what I want to say: …the mighty Berghain in Berlin, a place that is the center of many, many prejudices, fears, fantasies, wild dreams, hype, blogposts, sex, drugs & eh…techno, dark corners- and secrets.

Barker and Becker – Drin (Fünf)

Shed – Boom Boom (fünf)


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