after hours…

..of surfing the net – you find this.


And what is that? well it is a site distributing small webpages where you can find & buy all sorts of cute or crazy stuff.



Tape? Click here.

Edible Bugs? click here!

Cutesy/artsy/DIYsy nick nack? well just click here. or here. or here. or here. or here. (!)

Or how about a CurryKit? Or BaconJam?(!)

wow, here you can get your own music box

of course there are tons of graphical/t-shirt shops (but will only link one. ok so three it is. but here my patience stops with finding examples. the list is endless..!)

anyways, there are many sites to explore – maybe even some christmas shopping to be done..? so enjoy your spare-hours-of-doing-nothing-but-surf-strange-sites. (if you can find that time)


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