fabric on can

Let me start off by showing you this video and letting you see it for yourself.

yeah, it is indeed fabric on a can, developed to be sprayed on the body for clothes. (read more about it here)

When I saw the above video I was totally amazed and had all kinds of artistic/fashionrelated visions with this mystical spray. however, then I saw this video…

And as fast as it had appeared, my inner dreams of creativeness with “fabrican spray” bursted like the thin film of a soap bubble.. cause reality is not like cashmere on a can, its more a mixture of bodypainting & that slimy stuff you get for halloween to cover walls with. Besides, how warm can one feel when wearing this? how exposed wouldn’t one feel?

Then again we (or: I) must bear in mind, that this product is still in the developing process, so lets just wait and see what it turns into. Also, it can still be a fun additional element used in the world of fashion (maybe as some sort of accesory. although one could also just empty the vacuum cleaner bag and roll around until covered.)

what do you think? is this the future of fabric?


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