Gift Inspiration; from Beard Sticks to Bags of Light

Came across the Artrebels WebShop plus some other things, and I thought hey!: Christmas: Gifts: Stress: Loss of Humour: Someone’s gotta do Someting: I make a guide of silly things I’d actually buy/ give away and that mostly actually are affordable.

Tada. Enjoy!


Field Notes here 8,60€

I love to have one too many note books.

I always have at least one in my bag, where ever I go. You know made of real paper.

Who to give it to: Give it to a friend who’s into fonts.


Cup Cake Cushions here 23,50€

Pretty useless, but much fun.

They’d be perfect on my couch.

Who to give it to: A friend with humor and a boring couch.


Beard and Moustache sticks here 2€

Well, there’s no doubt we love moustaches (Honey, hear that?!)

Would be a fun gimmickgi for new years?

Who to give it to: Someone very feminine -we don’t want people to get confused, do we.


Anika Lori Trailerpark NO1 40€ here

Colourful poster that is

Oh my, just looove Anika Lori

Who to give it to: ME!

Who else: Someone that really would appreciate it*


Cassette Wallet here 40€

Pretty cool I’d say, you could put all your music-mp3s in it.

Talk about Mixed Tapes.

Who to give it to: Someone who doesn’t do coins.


Fragment #5 earring here 24€

They look pretty much like Zarah Voigt’s, but they’re cheaper.

Win Win or lame copy?

Who to give it to: Someone who cannot afford the real deal.


Fragments #1 earrings 34€ here

Don’t know, I guess I’m pretty mainstream by loving plastic right now.

BUT: they’re pretty.

Who to give it to: Someone with smaller ears than the person above.


The Beardcap here 101€

Feel like having moustache without a stick?

Moustaches EVERYWHERE.

Who to give it to: Someone who cannot grow a beard (F/M)


Head Band here 40€

It’s cold outside and everyone has them.

You can buy them for half the price at Gina Trickot? But these are more pretty and from THE Hipster Store

Who to give it to: A Fashion Addict with Hipster knowledge (we don’t want to spend more money if they aren’t appreciated, right?!)


Inka Knot here 88€

Well, what to say.

Pretty colour.

Who to give it to: Someone very pale?


Zipper Bracelet 27€ here

Sometimes you just need something around your wrist and this one seems like better quality than most of the stuff.

Would I wear it? Sure, with something black probably.

Who to give it to: Someone with a grey/black wardrobe


A Bag of light €9 here

These bags are not new, but they’re genius.

They’re good in the summer time (imagine them hanging in the trees and you having a barbecue party).

Who to give it to: Someone scandinavian (the only group of people that really appreciates a bag of light) & non-german-mothers-in-law.


Backgammon 35€ here

Backgammon is THE game and traveling is essential to happyness (wisedom in the “Chinese wordings for your convenience” book)

I gave this one to my boyfriend, took some time to come, so order in good time

Who to give it to: Someone who talks globish.


AIAIAI Headphones 50€ here

They’re pretty and they’re good as well.

I love the design so much that I now work for this company (and no, this is not hidden advertisement for my work, I really like them)

Who to give it to: Someone that can appreciate some colours and a good bass.

Over and out from a hungover me.



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