Say Hello to Volpe and her New Friend

Hello dear readers!

You might be wondering who I am. I call myself Volpe.

I like chocolate ice cream, dark nail polishes, showing my boyfriend who’s the boss, Batman, handbags and really dark eyeliner.

If you like some of the things I like, then you will be excited to know that I will “pop-up” on this blog once in a while as a guestblogger to tell you about all the things I am crazy about.

Today it’s all about how I made a new friend.

I have lately been in desperate need of a new mascara. I just want a mascara that makes my eyes go BAM! You know, like when you look at people and you eyecolor is enhanced by those big luscious lashes. They should still look kinda natural, but be defined in the best possible way. You know, like, BAM!

So I went shopping with my friend. And I made a new friend while on the shoppingtrip.

And, oh boy, do I have something nice for you guys!

Let me introduce to you, my new best friend – Diorshow Extase.

Now, I have had plenty of friends similar to him, but he sure knows how to throw a party!

Many a mascara says it will curl your lashes, but often you still need a lashcurler. I don’t have to with this baby.
Also, this mascara has a nice mascarapaste (is that even a word?) that gives you an even coating. It’s also very buildable, so you can get really full lashes without looking insane/cartoonish.

And, most importantly, it gives the BAM! experience.

I’d say this mascara knows how to make your lashes longer, fuller and gives them a nice curve.

Here are some pictures of me with and without mascara.

Works, right?

The price, you ask? Well … around 250 kr.

I didn’t look as closely when I said “On the amount, please!” and I think that was the right way to handle this situation. And I’ll tell you why. I’ve had tons of mascaras, some bad, some mediocre and some really good. But this mascara is just THAT MUCH BETTER.

This mascara, my new best friend, is absolutely worth the money. You use mascara almost every day, so why not invest? Just suggesting …

Ciao, Volpe

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