My apologies for the lack of posts, though I assume people out there are just as busy as me, seeing the month of december. (what is it with this month? there  always seems to be less time than usual.(maybe thats just because one wants to finish stuff before the 24th. or even earlier.) sigh.) However, as I never stop thinking about blogging I have been collecting some images that I either find fashionable, pretty or funny. Some are from the regular blog-watch and where some might consider this as “stealing” I’d prefer to think of it as an admiration (pah, what am I saying – a homage!) for the talented bloggers out there (all the while I’ve been baking chocolate desserts until the appartment bursts of ganache! (hosted minor celebration yesterday)(sorry for all the brackets in brackets, hope it’s not confusing.))(oh yeah, almost forgot:if you wanna read my silly comments on the pictures, keep your mouse on image until it appears..)


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