How to Survive

These days everyone is stressed about presents, exams, deadlines, end of year preparations and planning of trips for New Years etc
Because I definitely have tried all of the above, because I know how horrible it can be and because I finally now know how to avoid this, I’d like to share my secrets with you.
Actually it’s pretty simple
  1. Cut the Crap and be Realistic
    – I (and I assume you too) would always like to do things perfect and to do all the things that would be perfect. Hence I’d love to attend ALL Christmas parties, go to all christmas-y events, write Christmas Cards, find the perfect presents for everyone
    – Usually this is pretty unrealistic, so instead of randomly adding and moving stuff around in your calendar, just delete everything and figure out what you really cannot life without
    – I mean come on, 24h a day, thats all we have. Subtract 8h for sleep, 1h for transportation, 8h for work, 3h for breaks and dinner -voilá, this leaves us with 4 hours daily for all this stuff (I know you’ve seen this calculation before, but really DIG IT!)
  2. Do Sport & go into that freakin sauna
    More importantly you need at least 1h of sport every other day to keep your self going and away from that nasty winter depression.
    – Advantages: you can stay awake much longer, you can eat all this delicious christmas stuff AND you can beat anyone in random Christmas Dinner fights
    – How to: Don’t use your “I don’t want to carry all my sport-stuff to work/ school/..” argument and go to your fitness centre/whatever before or after work – If you go home first, you wont go
    -ANd yes, go into that f*cking sauna, why else do you think its popular among these old ladies and guys that usually make you not go in? They’re Older= hence the know better!
  3. Go with the flow
    It’s Winter, you have no energy, why should you do much stuff?
    Try Instead to stay a bit home once in a while (of course everyone is more or less introvert and needs this more than others) and think about what was great this year and what you would concentrate on. Remember to phrase it nicely 😉

Ok, I guess that’s it for now. It’s not much, but that’s what helps me. If you have anything to add, I’d love to hear it!

And this post is not meant to be esoteric or “help yourself” but rather “I found out how the cool people do that always seem to be calm and in perfect balance with themselves, and it works”-kind of post. Usually these creative people are much more “boring” than one might think!

Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Love’n Peace


PS: Spicy Food and D-Vitamins are not bad either 😉


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  1. miko

    lucky there is family guy…

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