sweet preparation

As from yesterday I have holiday. My study group finished the semester project earlier; due to very hard work and the will of wanting some quality time with family; in fact we created a website where you can see a tiny part (cause there are still some projects missing) of our work, but this holiday state of mind is not necessarily equal to days of doing-nothingness.. I have a huge passion for baking and have been neglecting this for some time now, however since there are plenty of sweet mouths to fill in my current surroundings I cannot have a better reason than plan the perfect selection of chocolate sweets. The worst part of it is choosing what to make….. any suggestions? I promise to document the outcome -that is, if there will be anything left…..




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2 responses to “sweet preparation

  1. nlv4ever@aol.com

    Hello- We are spending 3 days in Copenhagen before a cruise so I googled and found your great “Copenhagen in 3 days -Day 1” but never found Day 2 or 3.. can you direct me to those? Hugs, Vicky

  2. 1boussole

    Hi there Vicky!
    That’s so great that you like “Ampoule”‘s guide! unfortunately that is the only one we have at this moment (but I think there is more in progress..)
    Nevertheless I hope you will use it and have at least one good day in Copenhagen 😉 nooo just kiddin’ I’m sure you’ll have a nice time anyway -Copenhagen is such a charming city! (otherwise I would just ask someone for advice, people are pretty nice there, once you start talking to them)
    have a great Cruise!

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