Today is the day

…That my lovely blog-buddy is celebrating her birth. And I do too.

Creative, Subtle yet in your Face, Great Style with an Edge, Great Humor, Grumpy some Mornings, Jolly on Others, THE best Only blogger (sorry you other girls, you’re of course great too 😉 ), a Multitalent, Curios, Up for Anything, but Old Fashioned where appropriate, the Longest Eyelashes on Earth, The Best BlogBuddy EvEr!, Zen-ly balance mixed with Spanish Temperament, Andersine-sko-agtigt, Baking Queen, Fashion Forward, Playful, Greatest Sister in Law, More of an Alexander Wang bag than an YSL bag, but more of an YSL mirror than a -OK, I’ll stop here and let the pictures talk for them selves. But before that, 5 things:

Which of Boussole’s posts is my favorite?

Uh, this is actually hard. I love the Chair Post post, because it’s so visually pretty (hence on our Business Cards), but I also loove the recent Gif-thingy going on (I also love the titles she always gives her pictures!) and of course her FuckFingerDiary!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What do I love the most about her?

That she is one of the most loyal persons on earth, that she is so fucking talented and that she is as stubborn as I am (I mean, who keeps doing this movement below for ever?!)

What would you like to take from her Wardrobe and keep for your self?

A LOT! Of course her Chanel Bag, her Zarah Voigt Earrings Aaaand – hmm.

What kind of stuff do you do together other than blogging?

Loads of stuff, when in the same city. For instance illegal Mudflat hiking tours, inlcuding Sausage Orgies and with a Cosmo finish.



What do I see when looking into Boussole’s future?

Working for Olafur Eliasson, being Creative and Broke in a tiny appartment in Brooklyn and having the time of her life.


Lots of love for my BBBE (Best Blog Buddy  Ever!(did I mention that abbreviations are having a huge come back?!))


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