Babbling, Wisdoms and Re-Inventing the Purpose of Walls

Hi Guys,

It’s been a while I know. But sometimes you just gotta go offline for a while, read some books, drink some wine and recover. I guess that’s pretty much what I’ve done these days. Oh yeah, and dancing around the Christmas Tree!
It’s been a fabulous time, with fantastic company, mindblowinglovelypresents and books. No, really just one book. Freedom by Jonathan Franzen, don’t know whether you’ve heard of it. I hadn’t until I read about this new book of his in the newspaper. Of Course my litteratur-forward-Tin(tin) was reading it already. Convenient for me I’d say. Now I’m reading it. It’s kind of these books you know you have to read; because. Sorry about the weird use of commas and stops, it gives me some weird kind of satisfaction to ignore the common rules and try to come as close to my actual talking, as I can come.
Alright, this is becoming a pure babbeling, that might/ might not make sense to you. I gues what I want to say is that sometimes it’s good to be offline, to read books that are uncomfortable yet in some weird way enlightening and to just babble around.

So. I guess this is not much of a fashion post, but surely about the art of living. As essentially, sometimes it’s just good to babble* and do the thinking without direction. Fun for me and maybe for you.

*God I love this word**
**But does it even exist?

This picture I found on this cool blog and I HAD to share it with you, as I loove this way of not respecting the tradition of what you can and cannot do with walls. Of course it’s artsy fartsy, but definitely worth to consider doing in my new appartment (the one we’ll move into soon)(yay).


And here two videos for you, from that same cool blog.


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