Overexposure of Sundays in White Shirts

and White Shirts.

This is going to be one of the few posts we actually do together (well at least the pictures ), and its always great fun.

Today we are wearing the same kind of Shirt and thought it might be interesting for you to see our different takes on the classic white blouse (especially since at least one of you asked for “White Shirt Inspiration”).

Left:: I’m tired of black (still) so I’m wearing my new Only Jeans that are bright and Blue (9€)(bought them when shopping Boussole’s latest Only Outfit), as well as my white Men’s Shirt (second hand 1€), my Norwegian Socks and My Aunt’s Red Shoes (tired of boots too. And actually high heels with steel heels are light hiking boots, you know, with the piercing of the ground and stuff), oh yes, and lastly my white and black jacket.*

Right:: Well, Its me on the left writing this post, but yeah, you’ve seen these redish pants before. I think they’re gorgeous by being not black, batic and a hell of a statement yet without screaming “look at mee!”, so yap, love them. And also I like the “don’t over do it”-policy with the simple white shirt. So wear white shirts with statement pants!



*Did I mention that I’m into over-exposure at the moment?

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One response to “Overexposure of Sundays in White Shirts

  1. Anika

    Oooooooh, this is good – naturally, I have a lot of white shirts in my wardrobe… 😉

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