still so much to learn

this post is just as much directed to the lovely Ampoule as it is to you dear readers.

Before christmas I started a great course called “Lasercutter” where one learns to create a design and cut it with a complicated laser machine. ( it is among others meant to cut out models for architects, the material one can use is mainly cardboard and plexiglas)

There was not one doubt in my mind when I got the thought to make my Ampoule a piece of jewellery using plexiglas and Zarah Voigt as inspiration…

So this post is both meant to show the result to A. (before I send it with the post) and also to show it to the critical readers of this blog – asking for your honest opinion about the aesthetics. (I know it’s not exactly Zarah Voigt, but promise I’ll continue the design/production if I get some kind of approval -well I might do it anyways, cause it’s fun, but still- …. I would really care for your comment.) yeehaa!

The color of the plexiglas could be any given, I have so far purchased white, transparent and an old piece of scratched black (since I sort of like the “used” effect of it)

Lying down it looks kinda like a “tired” bow..

When hanging the earrings almost look like angels

Made myself a pair with dark grey/silver metal.



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5 responses to “still so much to learn

  1. lene

    Wow!! Ida – er det dig som har lavet dem!!?? like like like – and wish wish wish!!! 🙂

    KH Lene..

  2. 1boussole

    Ihh mange tusind takker Lene!!! Håber du trives i kb-hå? 😀
    stort knus!

  3. Anne

    NIIIICE!!! Hvor ER de flotte!

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