A Review: week 2 in the Land of Danish Fashion Bloggers w2

It’s monday night and man I’m tired. You know that satisfactory tiredness after a good workout. I actually had a good workout followed by an even better dinner (Pesto, fried tomatoes, garlic and pasta –easy, peasy, wonderful) and now it’s what 7pm. Say hello from grandma.

Well ok, lets move in. What do we have here?
Yesterday while recovering from previous night’s escapades I prepared a little post. Though before I could finish it I met with my lovely friend Liv for that very important coffee after a great weekend. You know, one of these dates absolutely necessary for continuing your every day life the next day. And because I was meeting my gorgeous friend and was really hungover I did what I had to do, I skipped finishing that post and dressed up. I had to dress up, my stomach was really aching, so in order not to look like how I felt, I had to look better than normal. You know what I mean?!
Anyway, after a great coffee, some greasy falafel and turning off a really (!) bad movie, I tried to finish that post, but couldn’t either. There was something wrong with eyelids; they somehow always closed when I tried to write a single word.

So. Lets give it another shot.
Well, I’m trying something here (again again, maybe I’ve got too much time lately?). I’m thinking that some of our readers are actually not the biggest (Danish) fashion blog readers, and even so, might not always have the time to check them, and I got some great response the last time doing it, that I consider doing that weekly review again. You know, of what has happened in the Danish bloggersphere. I might add few personal (international) highlights from non-Danish bloggers. So here we go.

At a glance: Blogger Wonderland in Firenze, a few Danish designers starting their shows before fashion week and a quite disappointing blogger collection for H&M.

The three big Danish Blogs: A Fashion Tale, Anywho & Looklab

A Fashion Tale: Celebrating Firenze4ever

1) Lotte was wearing her gorgeous Mulberry Swan Jacket. It looks great on her, but is something tiny yet curvy girls should stay away from. I’m imagining myself look like a giant marshmellow in it.
2) Another goody from that event FIRENZE4EVER are the looks. I love to see what other bloggers are wearing, but this time it seems to me that most were, what, boring in clothes? Yes, that’s what I found (but is this the thing about bloggers, normal people with normal styles?). Anyway, these two ladies clearly stood out from the crowd. (Sandras Closet w headpiece & Sequin dress (at the Dinner Party) ) A minor note on this end: even though I adore Marie’s style, that grey-ish jacket is just not my style, no matter whether it says Marni or anything in side of it*.  Sorry, but that black outfit looks really, really great (!) on you, though.
3) Oh yes, and both lovely ladies were interviewed by LesMads. They did great I must say.

Anywho: Veronica B. Vallenes

1) Anywho introduced a new guestblogger,Veronica B. Vallenes. I must say, this is quite a good choice. I adore her clothes and look at that video. I am so the audience for this. Anyway, until now she has shown us some pictures of herself and some people, but were still waiting for the real goodies. I guess that’s coming as we approach fashion week.
2) They, like others, posted a link to Monki.tv’s show about Susie from Style Bubble.
It seems like a fantastic thing, I was sold watching the teasers, but somehow I just can’t get the show itself to work. (working on it). Nevertheless I think it’s great with all this attention on bloggers. And somehow Susie seems much cool and much less doll-like than what was my impression so far.
3) Lastly, the girls from Anywho were at DAY’s show and some Won Hundred thing. I’m not sure whether this is so early? Anyway, it didn’t seem that new, neither of the collections, but what I noticed were the army-colours popping up again (noticed that already at Vibskovs Show this summer).
Oh yes, and I liked the fact that Won Hundred’s thing was held at the old A house, now STAY, which was a creative collective back in the days, and AIAIAI was founded here. Real cool place.

Looklab: Kicking the man out

I don’t know where I’ve been, but only recently (as in really recently) I realized that these ladies have gone together. I guess it makes much sense and makes it way easier to remember all of them.
1) But I’m not sure what I think of excluding that lovely male writer 1arsR. They say something about a woman universe. I don’t know. What is girls magazines without the male models?
2) Second, Acie is looking for a white piece. This might not seem that sensational, but I really like some aspects of her style, and it makes me curious whether I should soon be forced to look at some white thing. But wait, no, I promised myself not to follow those damn trends when they clearly are against my nature (curves). Maybe Acie too should acknowledge that white is primarily good for anorectic stick figures (no offense) and not for beautiful women like us. Ok, I really like her figure, nothing about that, I guess I just sometimes hate white. But maybe due to other reasons, like me newer having white clothes after eating something? Well. Lets continue.
(like that LOVELY(!) shirt of Hanneli’s that she is craving. I’m craving with you. But if on sale, the teenies will get it before us)
3) …with food. Sofies blog is a great inspiration for recipes. This Fish recipe definitely looks like something I want to try! And dig her comments, gotta love it.


1)    Elin Kling made this collection for H&M, which I find terribly boring. I’m so sorry, I like the idea and all, but come on, there are more colours in the world than non-colours. And what’s with those boring cuts? But makes it easy for the next blogger collectiong to impress me.

2)    Oh yes, and very important for my dear friends in Australia: Garance, my ALL TIME FAVORITE blogger had one of her fabulous friends make a guide. Go read it. And report back. BTW She’s also promising a guide for New York ( I gotta go there!) and a great article on fakes and… (ok, just read everything she writes).

3)    Finally I have to mention that The Sartorialist was in Seoul, my all time favorite fashion city in Asia.

I guess that’s it.
Over and out. ANd I hope I didn’t offend anyone, everything is to be read wiz my german accent!


*it looks like something that should hand in a second hand shop forever


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  1. It’s so good I’m not tiny then 🙂

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