Berlin Fashion Week: What to Wear, Where To Go

Berlin Fashion Week starts today. And I’m trying to collect some of all the cyber-noise out there, to give you something resembling an overview. Hopefully.

So today I have 3 things:
1) Some inspiration on what you should wear to all these events if you’re a normal human being* (based on LesMads) and not some kind of Anna Dello Russo in spe.
Go for Red lips, red details, layers (yes, still layers.), camel and grey (and if in doubt, black**). (click on the pictures to enlargen)

2) A link to an Interview with LesMads showing the work of a serious fashion blogger during fashion week
Its always interesting to see people ‘life’. The only other time I saw Jessie life was a Vibskov’s show this summer. Actually I was stunned at how she too seemed a little intimidated, clinging to other bloggers like Hanneli & Co.
Anyways, it is a good interview, and it becomes even funnier when continuing with showing the organizer of Bread and Butter (a fashion fair). He certainly outs himself as a (fashion?)rookie, or rather (&even worse?) as someone who only cares about making money. Quite funny. Funny peculiar I guess.

3) And info on the fashion week:
Here’s a ‘physical’ map (as physical as it can get online)

& Here an overview of open-to-public-stuff  today (19.01.2011):

  • DESIGNER SCOUTS SHOWCASE at the brand new Achteinhalb Concept Store. Four designers are presented in a showroom with a fashion photo exhibition: Anna Wegelin (Lachsbrötchen), Phoebe Heess (London-based cult label and concept store  Beyond The Valley), as well as Carni (accessory label). The opening event with live fashion presentations on Wednesday at 19-21h will be for invited guests only, but the showroom and exhibition are open to the public.
  • Opening party @Edged-Showroom and Pop-Up-Store with pieces from Dont Shoot The Messengers and Henrik Vibskov (7pm Torstrasse 161)
  • Vintage Love Pop-Up-Store (19. – 22. January 12 – 18 o’clock @ Paul-Linke-Ufer 42, 1. Hinterhof, Fabriketage 2.)
  • Launch of Band of Outsiders’ aw11 ( 7pm-11.30pm @Soto Berlin, Torstrasse 72)


(via iHeartBerlinLesMadsNY Times)


* based on LesMads’ outfits the last two month
** that beautiful black outfit, you know which one I’m referring to, is something LesMads wore at NY fashion week, so I guess a bit of intimidation often leads to the black choice, which is by no means bad.

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